16 love-filled ways to use origami in your wedding plans

The Japanese tradition of paper-folding, origami, is a beautifully unique and cost-effective option to incorporate into your wedding plans.

From the proposal... to the hens’ do... through the ceremony... on to the dance floor... and all the way to the first (Paper) anniversary... here are 16 love-filled ways to use origami pieces folded with love, to help illustrate your special love story.

Image: Derek Martinez Photography

Origami is a great way of bringing additional symbolism or splashes of colour into wedding décor as the versatility of folded paper allows you to use whichever shade, colour or symbol you wish to be represented at your wedding.

As symbols of good luck, long life and happiness, paper cranes are especially popular at weddings because the elegant cranes they are modelled after, are believed to mate for life.

Origami butterflies are chosen as wedding décor not only for their exquisite beauty but they have long been a symbol of fulfillment and prosperity, happiness and joy.

Paper hearts for love, pretty paper party dresses, peace doves, lucky elephants, lucky cats, lucky lady bugs… the list of symbolic origami designs is long and one that is only limited by your imagination.

While benefiting from this gorgeous symbolism, origami designs are a beautiful, cost effective solution that are worth considering for your special day. Especially if you want an exquisite point of difference and better yet, an interesting conversation-starter for your wedding décor.

Want to get some origami into your own love story?

Read on to discover 16 love-filled ways to use origami in your own wedding plans...

A paper heart proposal

Tuck the ring inside a carefully hand-folded origami heart when making your heartfelt proposal. Just 7 simple steps is all it takes to fold your own origami heart; the perfect way to show someone how much you care for them and how much effort you are willing to put into the relationship.

Wedding Invitations

Continue the origami theme by incorporating it into your wedding invitations. The level of complexity put into the folding is entirely up to you! This elaborate example is from JayMoniqueCreative.

Paper-folding party for the hens’

For a ‘hens do’ with a difference, invite your guests to sip their Champagne whilst together they help make some of the wedding décor! In a fun and friendly workshop setting, guests can be shown, step-by-step, how to fold origami such as paper cranes for a wedding backdrop, butterflies for a centerpiece, or even paper flowers for the bouquets. What a unique way for your guests to contribute to your special day!

Image: TLC Origami


For a fresh take on buttonholes for the men in your bridal party, consider origami blooms or even good luck cranes. Using a printed or calligraphy script of the wedding vows makes it all the more special for a groom’s bloom.

Image: A2zWeddingCards

Bride’s headpiece

Miniature origami flowers can make a stunning hairpiece. Or go for a more modern architectural origami style. Pure white, printed, patterned or a touch of colour linking back to your bridesmaids, all is possible with paper.

Image: Klaire Van Elton

Bride's earrings

Bring some good luck on your earlobes with gorgeous miniature cranes. The lightness of the paper means you’ll forget you’re even wearing earrings, so you can discount the heavyweight drag of regular statement jewellery. Just add some Swarovski bling to your origami drops and step down the aisle with confidence and style.

Image: leemodesigns

Bridal bouquet

Gorgeous paper flowers can add a fun splash of colour, pattern or texture to create a stunning and unique bridal bouquet. Using papers printed with your wedding vows or music sheets with your weddings songs will add special meaning to a bouquet of blooms that will last forever! If a fresh bridal bouquet is preferred, an origami bouquet may be the perfect solution to toss to your single lady guests.

Images: EverBloomsFlowers/ Capitol Romance/ Dana's Paper Flowers

Bridesmaids bouquets

Paper gives you a much wider choice of colours and patterns than traditional fresh blooms, so if you need a perfect match for the unique shade of those bridesmaid’s dresses, then pick some paper posies!

Wedding cake décor

What a sweet way to decorate the wedding cake; a cascading flock of paper cranes folded with love, from gorgeously elegant papers. Almost good enough to eat!

Image: idoityourself.com

Seating chart

Hang names from cranes and use origami to help guests find their seats on a beautifully decorated seating plan.

Images: dbodasencanarias/ weddingomania/ paperbouquetsUK

Place cards

Bring a touch of fun to your reception tables with origami embellishments on your place cards. You could even leave paper and origami instructions on the tables for the guests to have a go at creating their own simple origami pieces as they wait for the bride and groom to arrive.

Table centerpiece

An eye-catching origami centerpiece will really impress wedding guests. Choose your statement piece for its love symbolism or simply what makes the most impact.

Image: via Etsy

Beautiful backdrop

It is believed that if a person folds one thousand paper cranes their wish will come true. Even if you don’t quite have one thousand, a stunning backdrop of cranes will surely bring you good fortune when taking photos or when placed behind the head table.

Image: TLC Origami Gifts

Garland decorations

Hearts, flowers, dresses, cranes… any hanging decorations make a place feel festive. Popular wedding garlands include origami hearts, paper dresses, paper cranes and butterflies.

Image: Lia Griffiths

Dance floor décor

Imagine taking your first dance under a spectacular flying flock of good luck cranes. Pure white or a colourful cascade, either looks stunning as dance floor décor.

Image: Jarek-lepak

A Paper Anniversary

The first anniversary gift is traditionally paper, so what better way to continue saying “I love you” while rekindling such sweet memories of your origami-themed proposal, ceremony and reception, than by gifting more origami!

Have you seen origami used in a wedding or any other special event? Tell us what you’ve seen and how it looked on that special occasion!

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