How your snail mail can save a life.

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There is no time like NOW for sending a good old-fashioned letter, or indeed, a “new-fashioned” letter. Why? Because now, probably more than any other time in history, it could save a life. Literally. Save a life.

Why 2020 is the best time for snail mail

2020, as we know, has turned the world on its head. This is most obvious when thinking of hobbies and activities undertaken at home. People are baking their own sourdough bread & making their own hummous...from scratch! Jigsaws are all the rage and people are actually phoning each other. Things we never thought we’d do again have had a sudden resurgence in popularity. Take letter writing for example.

Chances are you haven’t put pen to letter-writing paper in a very long time. It's even less likely that you've exerted the great amount effort it takes to walk to your local posting box. Unless of course, you have family from the grand letter-writing nations like Great Britain or France.

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Those of us that do have enthusiastic letter-writing relatives will know full well the joy of peering un-expectantly into the letterbox... to discover not only a windowless envelope (OMG! Do they even still exist?). But inside that, a thoughtfully composed correspondence.

Fellow letter writers will understand the time and effort it takes to send snail mail. The writing, the enveloping, the posting of these valued pieces of paper. We also know the growing feeling of guilt, as each day/week/month passes and we still haven’t written a reply. A reply which we know is so very eagerly awaited …gulp.

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But NOW is exactly the time you should be brushing the dust from the writing desk. Find those writing implements (pen/pencil/biro/texta/sharpie/crayon…it really doesn’t matter!). Source an appropriate form of paper to write on (preferably blank and not just the back of your latest water bill...).

You’ll have to cross every finger and toe in the hope of finding at least one envelope in the house. Perhaps hidden under the piles of pizza/coffee-stained “VIP” paperwork on your desk/kitchen bench/table? Or maybe now is the time to splash out on some beautiful stationary or handmade greeting cards. Bonus points if you can #shopsmall, #shoplocal and support a small business. Then there’s the postage stamps…which will be a whole other story.

No amount of crossing body parts will help you there, my friend. A trip to the local PO is a must to make sure you have stamps of the correct currency and dollar amount. Yes, your average postage stamp now costs over the AUD$1 mark! Sad to say the days of a 40c stamp are long gone.

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But I digress and now I’ve shown my age, so I must get back to the point…

Today you NEED to post something (anything!)

by ‘Snail Mail’ (or courier, express post, whatever!) because today, in 2020, there are a lot of people who NEED to receive it.

How snail mail can save a life

The events of 2020 have impacted the mental and physical health of many people. Many are fighting to stay positive. Many feel separated from their sources of support. Many need something tangible, not just digital or virtual, something they can touch and hold that helps them feel connected to the outside world. Some just need a reason to smile.

A letter/package/postcard appearing in their letter box can help do exactly that.

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Think. All those people in various stages of lockdown. All day they are inside their home, living their entire lives through one device or another. They are working on a screen. Socialising on a screen. Often relaxing by watching or reading a screen. Some are even exercising, you guessed it… via a screen! These people are absolutely fed up staring at devices. No matter how well-meaning another videocall may be, the fact is, these people want a break from the screen.

The solution is easy: post your message of love, care and thoughtfulness.

Sent with love: Origami Heart Greeting Card from TLC Origami Gifts

Sure, it will take longer to get there. No, you won’t get an immediate response. Yes, it takes longer to write everything out and find those jolly envelopes. Yeah, you will have to find a mailbox to put it into (and with the correct-value stamp attached - sigh).

But stop for a minute and think about how the recipient benefits from this experience…

The benefits of receiving mail

There are many benefits for recipients of posted mail:

~ They get to leave the house, (yes! Leave the house. Woohoo!) however briefly, for that “essential” walk to the letter box. Every day in fact, just to see if there might be another envelope of heartfelt goodness inside.

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~ They experience a burst of happiness on discovering a letter addressed to them

~ They get all the warm fuzzies from being the recipient of a thoughtful gift. For that is what a handwritten letter is…a gift of your time and your thoughts and your thoughtfulness.

~ They get something tactile, to touch and feel and smell.

(well, haven’t you seen those old movie clips where a letter gets sprayed with a sweet waft of perfume? Hmmm?)

~ They receive a piece of art or something of beauty.

Think luxurious papers, unique handmade cards (such as those found at TLC Origami Gifts) or colourful, fun stationary.

Image: TLC Origami Greeting cards, various

~ They receive news about you, from you – written with love

~ They are reminded of wonderful memories. They recall the people and places and times they’ve shared.

~ They get told a story. Not only from the words written on the page. But also from the paper picked, the pictures drawn, the photos enclosed within.

Image: Ancient Japan greeting card series, TLC Origami Gifts

~ A lucky recipient may find a gift accompanying the letter (impossible do with a text or phone call or Zoom). Particularly on special occasions of course. But add a gift to a posted letter or package and any ordinary day becomes an occasion to remember.

Image: Small, lightweight and easy to post - miniature origami butterfly stud earrings - TLC Origami Gifts

~ The recipient of a letter is reminded ‘in writing’ that they are liked/loved/supported. That someone does care. In fact, someone cares so much that they have spent time, effort and money posting the letter. They have spent time composing and writing a handwritten letter. They have spent time and money purchasing envelopes and stamps. AND they have walked all that way to the brilliantly red beacon that is the local post box.

Now, that is love!

~ After all that and perhaps most importantly, a person who receives a letter may then treasure that warm, happy feeling of anticipation for the next day to arrive...

...just in case there might be another thoughtful surprise making its slow, steady 'snail mail' way... into their letter box and into their heart.

If there is no other reason than giving someone motivation and hope. Giving a person a reason to look forward to the dawn of a new day. Then surely that alone, is reason enough to put pen to paper and get mailing today.


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