TLC Origami Gifts is excited to add another unique style of statement dangle to our origami earring selection. Named after the main fold used to create this gorgeous new design, the "Concertina Collection" is sure to fold it's way into your heart.


"A concertina fold, sometimes referred to as a zig-zag fold, a z-fold or an accordion fold, is a continuous parallel folding of pages."


Using the concertina fold, a beautiful yet striking design has been achieved. The overall shape of the earring is quite refined...dare I say, dignified... but the zig-zag element of the folds creates a dramatic and edgy feel to the earring's architecture. So which is it?  Elegant or edgy? Dignified or dramatic? 


It is a simple yet elegant design which enables these earrings to be dressed up or down.  Effortlessly fitting with a casual look for day-to-day or just as easily dressed-up for that refined evening event, the many colours of the "Concertina Collection" mean you will be able to match any outfit. 


Furthermore, select your preferred colour of earring hardware, Gold, Silver or Rose Gold and you know you'll have chosen the perfect pair of statement dangles.


Posssibly the lightest statement earrings you'll ever wear, each origami piece is protected with a water-resistant sealer and hang from surgical steel earrings.


Each concertina leaf design measures 7cm tall and 2.5cm wide.

Bold and bright but oh-so light!


Due to the handmade nature and the wide variation in origami paper designs, products may vary slightly from the pictures shown here.  The photos shown are to illustrate potential examples of product design only.



Concertina Collection - dark purple floral

SKU: EDC 001
  • While each origami piece is coated with a clear, water-resistant sealer in an effort to protect it and provide longevity, the product is still one which is made with paper. Therefore it is advisable to avoid water and excessive heat and to store the product in a protective case where it won't be crushed, creased or become mishapen.