6cm drop earrings featuring large, hand-folded origami paper cranes.


These large cranes are made from origami paper printed with gorgeous floral or geometric patterns. Each origami piece is protected with a clear, water-resistant sealer and hangs from gold-look, surgical steel earring wires.


These cranes are made from origami paper printed with a oriental inspired, multicioloured floral pattern of mainly reds and blues with gold highlights.


Each large crane measures 6.5cm wingtip-to-wingtip and stands 3cm tall. 

Big and bold, but oh! so light! So go forth and make your statement!


Due to the handmade nature and the wide variation in origami paper designs, products may vary slightly from the pictures shown here.  The photos shown are to illustrate potential examples of product design only.



Large crane - gold statement 6cm dangle earrings - red & blue oriental

  • While each origami piece is coated with a water-resistant sealer in an effort to protect it, the product is still one which is made with paper. Therefore it is advisable to avoid water and excessive heat and to store the product in a protective case where it won't be crushed, creased or become mishapen.