Eight paper cranes cascading in a beautifully graduated rainbow spiral of soft pastel colour.  The cranes are suspended individually, from a wooden flower pattern cutout, by a piece of craft line (similar to fishing line) which allows the cranes to swirl in the breeze. 


Each individual crane measures 13cm across from wingtip to wingtip and 7cm from bottom to top of tail. The length of drop from ceiling to wooden flower is 22cm. The length of the longest crane is 48cm. The entire length of the mobile, from ceiling attachment to bottom crane is 70cm.

Rainbow Crane Spiral Mobile - Pastel 8

SKU: M003
  • This mobile is intended for indoor use only.  Please hang it well out of reach of small children. It is crafted from paper and should therefore be kept away from fire, water and strong winds.  Some fading my become evident if left in direct sunlight for an extended period of time.