This unique gift is a delightful addition to any home.


From a bedroom to the laundry or even a walk-in robe in the finest fashion house, this piece brings colour, fun and a touch of humour to your home decor.


Encased in a white shadowbox frame, it features five lovingly folded origami dresses in varying patterns and colours. The dresses hang on a line of hemp cord, from real, miniature wooden pegs. 


Each piece is custom-made to order, following the design shown as closely as possible but allowing for your individual taste of paper design, number of dresses or shirts and colour of frame (subject to the availabillity of individiual origami papers, frmaes and other materials at the time of order). 


It can be personalised to include the following

  • Name and/or birth date
  • Quotation (see the Custom Order page for inspiration...)
  • Colour theme/ pattern of the origami dresses
  • Colour of background and /or text
  • Number of dresses or collared shirts

Contact me to discuss your desired colour theme. I'd love to try and match that room decor or whatever else you are planning.


Please leave the name and/or birth date you wish to be put on the piece, along with any colour or quotation preferences in the additional information boxes below or add more information in the checkout message area.


As each masterpiece is lovingly and precisely hand-crafted, please allow sufficient time for this magic to happen! Usually 5-7 days.


The frame measures H22.5cm X W52.5cm x D3cm and can come in white, a blonde wood colour.  A hook on the back of the frame allows for wall hanging or the frame can be leant on a shelf. The frame does include glass in the front, it was simply removed to reduce glare in the photo.

Superheroes Do Laundry. unique origami artwork.jpg

SKU: PF0011