Welcome to TLC Origami Gifts where you will find unique, handcrafted origami gifts to suit any body, any home or any occasion.

Personalised gifts

TLC Origami Gifts is the place to find that unique, one-of-a-kind and often hard-to-find gift... as well as a matching greeting card to go with it!


Meticulous mother-in-laws, fussy fathers, transitioning 'tweens' and even that hard-to-buy-for person that "has everything". You are sure to find something suitable from the range of origami gifts. Ordering a customized gift means that you can request an item that really suits the personality of the recipient. Go one step further and have their name added to really make it special.  

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Each piece is unique

The time it takes to passionately and precisely fold each piece, means origami gifts are unique and certainly not 'common'. If you are looking for one-of-a-kind then you've come to the right place.


The opposite of a production line, TLC Origami is the passion project of Tammy Louise Coulson (yes, T.L.C. that's me!). As a stay-at-home mum and 'creative' at heart, I rarely make more than ten of any particular item, so you are assured of getting a limited edition, original piece every time and one which is created with...you guessed it, Tender Love & Care (TLC).

TLC Origami Gifts was created with the aim of sharing the peace, joy, beauty and tranquility that can be found through the art of folding paper. Whether it is the joy of receiving a 3-Dimensional greeting card, perfectly suited to the occasion or the tranquility gained by watching Peace Cranes swirling in the breeze on an origami mobile...these are the feelings I hope to inspire with every fold, of every leaf, of gorgeous origami paper.  

I hope you enjoy your visit to TLC Origami and that you leave the site with a sense of peace and a smile upon your face as well as inside your soul.

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