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I get it...  You want to give a gift that is just that little bit more extra special
Or you need a bespoke piece that perfectly fits that particular space in your home.
Perhaps it is a truly unique birthday card or gift you need, for a unique personality who is just as special. 
Whatever your needs, I can work with you to create a one-of-a-kind work of art to suit. 

Personalised Name Frames

Bring that extra special touch by adding the recipients name to an already special piece which has been handcrafted with love. 


Whether it is for a baby nursery, teen sanctuary, corporate office or zen space, I can personalise your order to suit your needs. Simply put the details of your request into the information section during checkout. 


If you've seen something on a TLC Origami Greeting Card and would like a framed or enlarged version, just ask! If you have something completely different in mind, just ask! TLC loves a challenge and will endeavor to create what you wish for. 


If you need further information or have any questions, please email me at tlcorigami@gmail.com


Steps to creating your Personalised Name Frame


Choose the shape and colour of your frame:

Black or white

Square or rectangle


Choose the colour of your background:

White, Pink

Blue, Teal

Custom choice


Choose a quote or list your own

or choose none at all.

You may also request a particular font that you have seen on other TLC creations.


Choose the colour and style of origami:

Little dresses

Solid colour/Patterned cranes



Mobiles and Wall Hangings

Bring a sense of peace and tranquility to your home, work or leisure space with these beautiful origami mobiles. 


Not just for the baby nursery, these mobiles are 'all grown up'! 


They look great in all types of settings; bedrooms, entry halls, the study, the yoga retreat, the media room, the classroom, the office! 


Rest your eyes from the stress of tech screens and instead gaze peacefully as 'good luck' cranes swirl and twirl in the gentle breeze.

Choose from the existing range or contact me to describe what you wish for and the size and location of your perfect space.


Butterflies or Cranes? Solid colour or pretty patterns? A certain colour theme? Large or small?  Circular or straight?  We can work together to try and make your wishes come true.


Custom-made Greeting Cards

Just about anything can be made out of origami and TLC loves a good challenge! 


This winning combination means that you can request (almost!) anything to ensure your greeting card is perfectly customised for that special person in your life. 


Be it a special occasion that requires a personal touch or a special personality that would appreciate a unique angle or perhaps an unusual interest that just isn't catered for in the corporate world of greeting cards.  TLC is the answer! 


If you've searched the existing TLC range and still can't find a card that is unique enough for you, then contact me at  tlcorigami@gmail.com  to see if I can cater to your request. 


0421 345 436

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